3 – Sticky brownies


Ingredients – nuts, dates, organic cocoa powder, maple syrup

_SC_0096 _SC_0151 _SC_0136 _SC_0152 _SC_0155 _SC_0087

OMG!! Sorry, I had to write this! If you love cakes as much as I do, you will understand that this an OMG moment… Imagine, a dessert that is so good it can only be bad but is actually good for you! Did I lose you? Well, sorry, this is the effect those brownies have on me. They make me lose my mind (and my English). They are mindblowingly good. At last you can enjoy an amazing chocolate treat without having to only have one tiny wee slice. You can have it all! That’s what I did….with a little bit of help from my friend Elena.

Here is how to make those delicious sticky brownies (using a standard coffee mug):

1 cup of nuts (I usually use a mixture of whatever I have in my kitchen. For the brownies on the pictures, I used almond and brazil nuts)

2 1/2 cups of dates (they have to be saudi dates otherwise the brownies won’t be as sticky)

3 tbsp of organic cocoa powder

3 tbsp of organic agave nectar

– Blend the nuts together then add the dates. If you want your brownies less sticky, add more nuts and less dates (for instance, 1 1/2 cup of nuts and 2 cups of dates).

– Add the cocoa powder and the agave nectar.

– Spread on baking tray (I usually put greaseproof paper first) and freeze for an hour.

– Et voilà!


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