6 – Pecan nuts and Coffee tartelette


Ingredients – Almonds, cashew & pecan nuts, dates, camp coffee essence


DSC_0079 DSC_0080


This is the type of dessert you will serve to your in-laws. It is a very grown up dessert. The coffee and nutty flavours are so delicious together and make this dessert a perfect way to finish a meal. With the recipe below you can make 4 wee tarts. In french we call them tartelettes. In order to make the filling really creamy, I soaked the cashew nuts for over an hour a few days ago and then froze them. I put them out of the freezer about 15 minutes before blending them. I blended them for a few minutes or until the mixture became really oily/creamy. It really looked like a dough made of butter and eggs! Freezing the cashew nuts is really optional. You could make this filling just by soaking them and blending them.

Here is how to make those grown-up tartelettes (using a standard coffee mug):

Makes 4 tartelettes

For the base

1/2 cup of dates

1/2 cup of almonds

For the filling

1/2 cup soaked cashew nuts

1 frozen banana

2 tsp of vanilla

For the top/decoration

Pecan  nuts or walnuts

– For the base, just blend the dates and almonds together. Press the mixture at the bottom of your tartelette dishes and put them in the fridge for at least 30 minutes

–  For the filling, blend the cashew nuts for a few minutes, then add the frozen banana slices (I always have bananas in my freezer. Make sure you remove the skin and slice them before freezing).

– Add the vanilla to the filling.

– Pour the filling on top of the base and add pecan nuts.

– Put the tartelettes in the freezer and put them out just 15 minutes before serving.

– Et voilà!





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