21 – Vegan Scones


Ingredients – Gluten free flour, salt, raw sugar, almond milk, vegan butter & raisins (optional)

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The last few weeks have been pretty emotional in Scotland. This is why this week I thought I would do a very traditional Scottish treat, Scones! I remember my first scone. I bought it from a wee cake shop in Dumfries when I was 15. I didn’t have much money and I was hungry so I bought this weird little cake. I didn’t know what to expect and was really pleasantly surprised. My love story for scones started there. I then started making my own. I remember making all sort of scones with my friend Agathe years ago. Cheese, onions, raisins, peppers….we were putting anything and everything in our scones!

Here is how to make those vegan scones:

Makes 6 big scones

225g of self raising flour (I used gluten free flour)

40g of vegan butter

150ml of almond milk

2tbsps of raw sugar

Pinch of salt

– Pre-heat the oven at 220c

– Dust a baking sheet with flour

– Sift the flour into a bowl and rub in butter with finger tips until mixture looks like breadcrumbs

– Add a handful of raisins (optional)

– Stir in the sugar and salt. Carry on mixing then add the almond milk

– Knead mixture to a soft dough. Roll the dough out to approx 2 cm thick and cut out using shapes

– Put baking paper on tray, lightly dust with flour then put the scones on tray

– Bake for about 12 to 15 minutes

– Et voilĂ .


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