My name is Laurianne, I am 33, I am from France and I live in Killearn near Glasgow.

I decided to start this blog about 2 years go to share some of my pictures with you (raw and vegan desserts can look so lovely and colourful) but also to share some of my recipes.

It’s been a busy 2 years, I have during that time been finalist of the Great Vegan Bake Off twice  (2014 & 2015) and also started my own raw cake business! This is hopefully the start of a great raw adventure. If you want to know more about the business please visit the website www.lauriannesrawcakes.co.uk 

I have always loved baking and eating cakes but in the last few years I have been more aware of what I eat and what I am feeding my body with (I am getting old!).

I have always known how important it is to know where your food comes from. I grew up in the countryside in France and my grandparents were farmers (all 4 of them!).  Food has always been a big part of my life and of my family’s life. I still remember making cider with my granddad, cakes with my gran, goat’s cheese with my dad….I remember spending afternoons during my summer holidays trimming baskets of green beans from the garden with my siblings (we hated it!). In a nutshell, I like real food.

I started getting into raw and vegan food just over 3 years ago. I find this type of cooking really intriguing and inventive. I love the idea that everything you are making, even the sweet little treats, is good for you.

For me baking raw or vegan desserts is like having the best of both worlds! No compromise! I can carry on baking and enjoy my desserts without compromising my health. My body and my scales (& my friends’ scales) say thank you!

Enjoy and thanks for visiting my blog.

Laurianne x


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